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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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How to Find Information on Wilson County Arrests and Warrants How to Find Information on Wilson County Arrests and Warrants Get updated information Wilson County arrests and warrants, Texas. Carry out a background check on any person in Texas and the entire U.S.
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How to Find Information on Wilson County Arrests and Warrants

To initiate a Wilson county arrest records search, it is recommended to contact the county jail. Their telephone number is 830-393-8141. The facility is located at 800 10th St. Floresville, Texas 78114.

Since there are no online sources that display information on Wilson County arrests, searchers interested in conducting their inquiry on the web should turn to more extensive electronic databases run by the state: 1) The TxDPS operates a computerized criminal data bank that exhibits a person's arrests and prosecutions in Texas. This service requires a fee and opening a user account. Moreover, it does not show information related to minor offenses. 2) To perform a Texas inmate search, it is recommended using the TDCJ's online inquiry tool. It encompasses all the correctional facilities run by the state. The search is free of charge.

Undertaking a Wilson County warrant search

The sheriff office stores and process data related to the county's criminal activity, so they are the best place to start a warrant inquiry. In most cases, they will be happy to cooperate with the public hoping to extract information regarding the whereabouts of suspects.

Furthermore, the search form on this page enables users to carry out a background check on the state's residents. The information that is delivered is accurate and updated. It gives a clear picture of a person's criminal history.

Tracing Wilson County court records

Court dockets are probably the most important aspect of a criminal background check since they contain data related to a person's convictions. They are harder to obtain in comparison to other types of criminal reports since the government will agree to reveal them only after a FOIA request had been sent by mail to district clerk (P.O. Box 812, Floresville, TX 78114) for information on felony cases or to the county clerk (P.O. Box 27, Floresville, TX 78114) for files on misdemeanor offenses.

Crime statistics

The total number crimes in the county reached 630 in 2013. No murders were reported. Only one woman was raped, one person was robbed and 47 people were assaulted. Police apprehended 114 people.