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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Houston County Warrant Search Houston County Warrant Search How to carry out a Houston County warrant search, Texas. Use a background check tool to find arrest records and inquire about people's criminal history
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How to Carry Out a Houston County Warrant Search

Similar to other counties across Texas, a Houston County warrant search is a precautionary measure meant make sure you and your family stay away from people with a criminal history. Do you have a new partner who you want to introduce to your children?  Maybe you have a neighbor who is acting strangely, or your wife is trying to find a babysitter for your baby. Each of these situations is a good example of why you may need to run a criminal background check on people involved in your life on a daily basis.

How to Perform A Houston County Warrant Search

If you want to research Houston County warrants, you should firstly contact sheriff office. They are in charge of executing all arrest orders issued by the court, so they have the information you need. Visit them at 700A South 4th St. Crockett, Texas 75835 (telephone: 936-544-2862) and ask for updates on the county's wanted persons.

Undertaking an arrest search

To check whether someone you know is currently in custody or has been jailed in the past, you are advised to contact the county jail. They can be reached via the sheriff office (see contact details above).

The website of the TDCJ is the place to go if you want to perform a broader Texas inmate lookup.  They maintain an electronic database through which you can perform an offender search that displays inmates in all of TX prisons.

Another efficient statewide database you can use to find Houston County arrest warrants is the Computerized Criminal History System managed by the TxDPS. It exhibits police records from all of Texas counties. These records show a person's prior arrests and prosecutions for violation more serious than Class B misdemeanor. You will need to sign up and pay a fee.

Conducting a criminal record check

To find out if a person has a criminal record as a result of a conviction in a Houston County Court, you need to turn to the district clerk for felony offenses and the county clerk for misdemeanor offenses. None of these offices offers an online public case search tool, so searchers are required to file a request to access public records. For specific instructions on how to request public information, turn to the website of the Texas Attorney General.

Finding registered sex offenders

The Texas sex offender registry (which you can access here), will allow you to track down people with a criminal history of sex offenses according to name or address. This is a very important inquiry tool for those who want to make sure their family members stay away from sex predators.

To conclude, doing a Houston County warrant search and obtaining information on arrest records shouldn't be difficult taking into account the many resources available to you.  We suggest finding the time for a background check on people that matter to you. This check will keep you and your loved ones safer.