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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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The Easiest Way to Conduct a Hockley County Warrant Search

Running a Hockley County warrant search is vital to make sure a person is not wanted by the police for a crime he / she has allegedly committed. This person can be an employee, your daughter's new boyfriend or a potential nanny for your kids. The following article will illustrate how easy it is to conduct a criminal record check on anyone you choose in the county and in the State of Texas.

How to initiate a warrant inquiry

To garner information on Hockley County warrants, go straight to the sheriff office which is located at 1310 Avenue H Levelland, TX 79336. Their criminal archives contain data on all orders of arrest released by the county's court. You may try to obtain the information on the phone (806-894-3126), but most likely they will demand that you conduct your inquiry in person at their office.

Performing an arrest search

Hockley County arrest records can more easily be obtained. The website managed by the sheriff offers an online jail roster that shows all people that were apprehended in the last several months. By clicking on a person's name, you will get the following details: the detainee's mugshot and personal details plus a list of all his / her offenses. For each offense, you will see a booking and release date and bond amount.

A statewide arrest inquiry

There are two online data banks we recommend to conduct an offender search that encompasses all of Texas counties:

  • The TxDPS operates a crime records service where you can view a person's arrest records and history of prosecutions. This service requires signing up and paying a fee.
  • The TDCJ manages an online inmate search tool through which you can find an inmate in the state's prison facilities.

How to do a criminal records search

To find out whether the person you are checking has a criminal record, you will need to inquire about his / her history of convictions. This history appears in court records. The website of the district clerk directs you to an online tool which allows you to search for public records. Using it, you can trace criminal cases. You will have to sign up to use this service.

Hockley County's website also presents a list of court dockets arranged according to years and months. The list goes back to 2013. The files are divided into 4 categories: Guilty Plea and Revocation, Notice to Appear, Arraignments and Jury Trial.

Bear in mind, a Hockley County warrant search must come side by side with obtaining accurate information on a person's criminal records. Arrest warrants indicate suspicion of committing a crime, and criminal records mean conviction of a crime. You will need to inquire about both of them to in order to make sure your background check is complete.

Conducting a sex offender search

To find registered sex offenders, we suggest using the inquiry tool offered by the TxDPS. It enables users to locate online people with a history of sexual violence. You will be able to see where they live and how close they are to your place of residence.