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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Hale County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Hale County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Learn how to conduct a Hale County arrest records and warrant search, Texas. Find out if someone you know has a criminal history. Perform a background check
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Hale County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

The number of official online sources for a background check in Hale County, Texas is scarce. So, searchers have no choice but to resort to offline inquiry methods or to statewide databases. In the following article, we will direct you  to the relevant databases which will help you find Hale County warrants and arrest records.

Finding relevant sources for Hale County Arrest records search

To locate an inmate in the county, you should make contact with the county jail. They can be reached by dialing 806-293-5377. You should ask them to search for current and past inmates. In that way, you can garner information on older jail records.

Another source you can use to trace Hale County arrest records is the search tool offered by the TxDPS. It is an online database that displays the incarceration history of every person living in the state. To fully benefit from this service, you need to open an account. Be advised, minor offenses will not be shown.

To run a Texas inmate search, go to the TDCJ's website. The electronic search service they put at your disposal will assist you in locating inmates and the state facility where they serve time.

Where to perform a Hale County warrant search

You will not find on the Internet a governmental database that presents information on the county's wanted people. This kind of information can only be seen at the sheriff office. For this reason, searchers are required to go there in order to get access to police data banks. The sheriff is located at 1900 South Columbia, Plainview, Texas 79072, phone no. 806-296-2724.

However, it does not mean that there are no online solutions for searchers who want to save time and carry out an inquiry from the comfort of their home. The search option on this webpage reveals extensive reports that show a person criminal history all across the state. It should be used to trace Hale County warrants as well as information on a person's prior engagements with the police. The data are taken from plenty of sources (private and public) simultaneously, and therefore they are reliable and up to date. Users enjoy full confidentiality.

Obtaining documents issued by the court

Hale county court records contain information on prosecutions and convictions and so can tell whether the one on whom you run your background check has a criminal record. Two offices in the county are in charge of processing and maintaining reports that come from the court :

  • To obtain felony records, go to the district clerk: 225 Broadway, Suite no. 4, Plainview, TX 79072. Phone number: 806-291-5226, Fax: 806-291-5206.
  • To obtain misdemeanor records, visit the county clerk: 500 Broadway Room no. 140, Plainview, TX 79072. Phone number: 806-291-5261, Fax number: 806-291-9810. Email:

Both offices will help you garner information only after you submit a formal request to access public records. The General Attorney of Texas explains how to fill in such a request.

Crime statistics

Data from 2013 reveal that 1,115 crimes occurred in the county. There was 1 murder reported in addition to 7 rapes, 5 robberies, 57 assaults, 234 burglaries, 785 larceny incidents, and 26 car thefts. Police took 159 people into custody.