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Database Update on August 03, 2021

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Fort Bend County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Fort Bend County Warrant and Arrest Records Search What you need to know to conduct a Fort Bend County warrant & arrest records search, TX. Trace a person's criminal history with this website's search option
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Fort Bend County Warrant and Arrest Records Search

To undertake a full background check in Fort Bend County, Texas – you ought to obtain information on outstanding warrants, arrest records and court records. This article will explain how to obtain that information.

To start a Fort Bend County warrant search, refer to the sheriff office. Their Record Division stores detention and criminal records and perform criminal history checks. Their phone number is 281-341-4621. Their webpage provides additional phone numbers. They can be found at 1410 Williams Way Blvd. Richmond, TX 77469.

For an online inquiry, turn to the search form on top of this page. It will give you access to huge public and governmental databases that are updated on a regular basis. Search results will display Fort Bend arrest warrants in addition to arrest data and information on court cases. Your inquiry will remain strictly confidential.

Initiating an arrest search

To initiate a Fort Bend County arrest records search, we highly recommend the online Criminal History System. This is a reliable source of information managed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. It will exhibit a person's arrest history for offenses more serious than Class B misdemeanor. In order to start using this service, you will be demanded to open an account.

You can narrow your inquiry and conduct a Fort Bend County inmate search by referring to the following Public Information webpage. It is also possible to obtain information by turning to the Detention Division. They can be found at:

1410 Williams Way Blvd. Richmond, TX 77469 Tel. 281-341-4730

Fort Bend County court records

The county offers an electronic court records search page where you can view civil records, felony and misdemeanor records as well as other types of public records. You should turn to the county clerk for more detailed information. Their location is 301 Jackson Street Richmond, TX 77469. Their phone no. is 281-341-8652. They offer automated information at 281-341-8685.

The district clerk is the best source of information regarding felony court cases. The address of their office is 1422 Eugene Heimann Circle Richmond, TX 77469. They can be reached via the phone by dialing 281-341-4515.

Crime information

Relatively high crime rates are a reason for concern for law enforcement agencies in the county. Indeed, during 2013, the county had to deal with 10,116 crimes, which means 1668.2 offenses for every 100000 people. 11 murders were committed along with 71 rapes, 311 robberies, and 867 assaults. 2079 burglaries and 6290 larceny incidents were also reported. Finally, 487 cars were stolen. The number of arrests made by police, 1889, was apparently too low.