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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Finding Val Verde County Warrants and Arrest Records Finding Val Verde County Warrants and Arrest Records How to search for Val Verde County warrants and arrest records, Texas. Carry out a background check on any person that matters to you or to your business
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Finding Val Verde County Warrants and Arrest Records

A criminal background check in Val Verde County must include three crucial items: arrest warrants, arrest records and court records. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources you can use to garner the necessary information. Some of them can be found online others require physically arriving at the relevant governmental office.

Conducting a Val Verde County warrant search

The best place to find the county's outstanding warrants is the sheriff office. You can visit them at 295 FM 2523, Hamilton Road, Del Rio, Texas 78840 or contact them on the phone at 830-774-7513. Their archives contain data on all the criminal activity in the county including wanted persons. In most cases, the sheriff is willing to share information hoping to get the assistance of the public in locating suspects.

Carrying out an arrest search

Val Verde County arrest records can be extracted from the county jail. Contact them at 830-778-0096. You can also perform a broader Texas inmate search by referring to the electronic archive managed by the TDCJ. It includes all of the state's correctional facilities.

If you are seeking additional information, mainly a person's arrest history, we suggest utilizing the computerized inquiry tool operated by the TxDPS. Offenses categorized as class C misdemeanor will not be included in the results.

Locating Court Dockets

Texas court dockets are kept by two offices, the county clerk and the district clerk. The former is usually in charge of misdemeanor records while the latter deals with more severe felony records.

Val Verde County court records are no exception. You will have to submit (by mail or in person) a FOIA request to one of the above-mentioned offices depending on the type of document you are seeking. Their mail address is as follows: County clerk: P O Box 1267 Del Rio, TX, 78841 (telephone no. 830-774-7564). District clerk: P O Box 1544, Del Rio, TX, 78841 (telephone no. 830-774-7538).

Crime data

The good news is that in 2013, no one was murder or raped in the county. However, there were 16 robbery cases and 67 assaults. The total number of reported crimes was 968. 150 people were apprehended by the police.