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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Finding San Patricio County Warrants and Arrest Records Finding San Patricio County Warrants and Arrest Records Find San Patricio County warrants and arrest records, Texas. Use an updated criminal history search tool for a background check on people that matter to you
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Finding San Patricio County Warrants and Arrest Records

There are situations in life that necessitate running a criminal background check on people you come in contact with. For example, you consider employing a new person or hiring a nanny for your kids. Your daughter has just started dating a new person and you want to make sure he has a clean record. This article will show you how to find San Patricio County warrants in addition to arrest and court records.

Performing a San Patricio County warrant search

The sheriff office does not provide an online inquiry tool, so to learn whether a person is wanted for a crime, you will need to conduct your inquiry by arriving at their office in person. The address is 300 North Rachal, Sinton, Texas 78387. For more details, dial 361-364-9600.

If you still insist on finding information on the Internet, the search form on this page will help you learn whether a person has a criminal history. Since data is taken from reliable governmental and private sources, accuracy is guaranteed. Confidentiality is also guaranteed.

Conducting an arrest search

First and foremost, we suggest turning to San Patricio County Jail to inquire whether a person you know is included in their inmate list. Their phone no. is 361-364-9630.

Another excellent source is the electronic search tool provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It will allow you to conduct an inmate search that covers all of TX correctional facilities.

San Patricio County arrest records can also be extracted from the computerized database run by the TxDPS. It relates to the entire state, so it will enable you to expand your search to other counties. The only problem with this tool is that it will not present criminal reports related to violations less severe than Class B misdemeanor.

Gaining access to court reports

To view San Patricio County court records, you will be asked to file a FOIA request. It demands some effort and time, so you might want to find a lawyer to do it for you. In any case, such a request may take ten days to be fulfilled and it must be sent via mail (for further details, visit the website of the Attorney General of Texas).

If you are looking for court dockets dealing with misdemeanor offenses, you should address your request to the county clerk. If you are seeking information on felony offenses, the district clerk is the authority you should turn to. The address of both offices is 400 West Sinton Street, Room 124, Sinton, TX 78387.

Crime Rates

Crime rate in the county in 2013 was estimated at 3,334 offenses per 100,000 residents. The actual number of offenses during that year reached 2,233. Crimes involving violence included 2 murders, 32 rapes, 18 robberies, and 151 assaults. 497 people were incarcerated.