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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Finding Rockwall County Court Records and Arrest Warrants Finding Rockwall County Court Records and Arrest Warrants Search for Rockwall County court records and arrest warrants, TX. Perform a background check on any person you know. Get criminal history reports
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Finding Rockwall County Court Records and Arrest Warrants

Rockwall County warrants are issued against those who have taken part in a criminal activity that justifies an arrest. If not served, they become outstanding, which means they can be executed indefinitely the moment the suspect is located by the police.

To check whether you are wanted by one of the county's law enforcement agencies, drop by the sheriff office and ask their permission to view their criminal data bank. If you suspect that you appear in this data bank, you had better stay away from any police station unless you want to be incarcerated.  Send a relative, a friend or your lawyer to check for you, or opt for online sources.

On this page, you will find a search form that will enable you to conduct a Rockwell County warrant search. You will also be able to view comprehensive civil and criminal reports that will give you a full picture regarding a person's background. These reports are highly accurate as they extract data from vast governmental and private sources. The searcher's confidentiality is guaranteed.

Searching for Rockwell County arrest records

To carry out an arrest search, contact the county jail. Their telephone number is 972-204-7001. The facility is located at 950 T L Townsend Dr, Rockwall, Texas 75087.

The information you will get will relate to current inmates. If you want to learn about people who were incarcerated in previous years, use the computerized search service provided by the TxDPS. You will be connected to a comprehensive database that will display a person's arrest records and prosecutions throughout the state.

An inmate search can be performed with the help of the TDCJ's online archive that shows all of those who have populated the state's correctional facilities in the past.

Finding Rockwell County court records

We recommend using the county's judicial records search to perform an online criminal case search. In addition, you should contact the county clerk (phone no. 972-204-6300) for information on misdemeanor offenses and the district clerk (phone no. 972-204-6500) for information on more severe felony cases.

Both offices can be found at 1111 E, Yellowjacket Lane, Rockwall, TX 75087. You will most likely be asked to file a formal FOIA request which can either be submitted in person or sent via mail. For more information contact them directly.

Crime data

In 2013, 1173 crime incidents were reported to the county's authorities. Police investigated 1 murder case, 15 rapes, 7 robberies, 48 assaults, 173 burglaries, 849 larceny cases, and 80 car thefts. Statistics indicate that for every 100,000 residents, 1504.1 crimes occurred. 44 suspects were apprehended in the course of the year.