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Database Update on February 21, 2024

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Finding Randall County Warrants and Arrest Records Finding Randall County Warrants and Arrest Records Find Randall County warrants and arrest records,TX. Use this website's online tool to perform a background check on any individual in Texas
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Finding Randall County Warrants and Arrest Records

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the necessary information on how to locate Randall County warrants and arrest records. This will enable you to perform a criminal background check on a person.

Active warrants authorize the apprehension of an individual for committing a crime. To attain them, a police officer or a prosecutor needs to bring a complaint to a magistrate or a judge and show that there is probable cause that a crime has been committed.

Performing a Randall warrant inquiry is an extremely easy process. You can simply use the  Search System provided by the county's Sheriff Office. An alternative option is to call or visit them at:

9100 S. Georgia Amarillo, Texas 79118 Tel. 806-468-5753

How can you undertake a Randall County arrest search?

It is, in fact, quite simple; all you need to do is visit the jail roster of the Randall County Sheriff’s Office. The jail roster is a nifty tool because it allows you to do a personal search online. You can directly look up the person’s last or first name. The roster provides you with additional information such as the person’s race, gender, age, the date in which he was taken into custody, offense description, and the bond/fine amount if applicable.

Those that are curious about individuals that have been incarcerated in the past can use the inquiry tool on the website of the Department of Public Safety for the state of Texas. This system allows you to conduct an in-depth search of past and current prosecutions and case dispositions for persons incarcerated for a Class B misdemeanor or greater.

Randall County court records

Randall County also gives you the opportunity to find court records within the county; you can search for misdemeanor or felony records and even bond and jail records. Go to the case search page and choose which type of document you want to view.

Crime statistics

In the course of 2013, Randall County had 0 murders. In terms of sexual offenses, there were 5 rapes. There were also 38 assaults. Overall, the total number of offenses amounted to 459. Police took 77 people into custody.