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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Finding Burnet County Arrest Warrants and Records Finding Burnet County Arrest Warrants and Records How to find Burnet County arrest warrants and records, Texas. Carry out a criminal record check on people you know. Use an advanced inquiry tool
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Finding Burnet County Arrest Warrants and Records

Burnet County warrants and jail records can shed light on a person criminal history. Add to this court records, and your ability to assess whether a person you come in contact with on a routine basis poses any danger to you or to your family improves immensely. The purpose of this article is, therefore, to guide you on how to do a criminal background check using offline and online sources.

Undertaking a Burnet County warrant search

Start your inquiry at the sheriff office. Their criminal archive contains a wealth of useful information on all the criminal activities that have taken place in the county. Their address is 1601 E Polk St, Burnet, TX 78611. They can be reached by phone: 512-756-8080.

If you have unresolved issues with the law, it will be unwise to go to a police station. An online inquiry is definitely the recommended course of action for you. Filling in a person's name on the search form on this page will give you access to civil and criminal reports related to people living in the state. This information can be used for a thorough background check. Your inquiry will be kept 100% confidential.

Tracing Burnet County arrest records

You should contact the county jail at 512-715-8600 and ask them for information on current and past inmates. If you find the information to be incomplete, use the computerized criminal search tool offered by the TxDPS. It exhibits a person's criminal history statewide. It requires opening an active account.

Conducting a Texas inmate search

The TDCJ maintains an electronic database through which you can locate all detainees held in Texas correctional system. The search process is simple and user-friendly. A detainee's full name is all you need to initiate the inquiry.

Finding court dockets

Burnet County court records are very important since they present a person's history of convictions for all types of offenses. You can find them online by referring to the county' electronic inquiry tool. It requires signing up and opening an account with a user ID and password.

To obtain more comprehensive files, you will need to turn to the Criminal Department at the county clerk office. They are in charge of misdemeanor records. Their address is 220 South Pierce St. Burnet, Texas 78611. Their phone number is 512-715-5252.

Felony records can be obtained at the district clerk office. The office is located at 1701 E. Polk Street, Suite 90 Burnet, TX 78611. Phone number: 512-756-5450. In both cases, you will be asked to submit a FOIA request. To read more about how to write such a request, visit the website of the Texas General Attorney.

Crime statistics

Governmental statistics indicate that in 2013, 1,018 crimes were perpetrated in the county. 97 crimes involved violence (including 5 murders and 22 severe sexual assaults) and the rest were property crimes. Police apprehended 317 people.