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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Finding Arrest Records and Warrants in Cherokee County Finding Arrest Records and Warrants in Cherokee County Learn how to find arrest records and warrants in Cherokee County, Texas. Use this website's inquiry tool for a background check on those who matter to you.
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Finding Arrest Records and Warrants in Cherokee County

Carrying out a Cherokee County warrant search might be necessary if you want to check a person's background. You can never know what you may come up with. People you thought you had known may turned out to be wanted by the police.

The sheriff office maintains a database that contains information on all of the county's criminal incidents, including outstanding warrants issued against suspects. You will need to pay them a visit at 272 Underwood St, Rusk, Texas 75785 in order to view the materials. For further details, you can call them at 903-683-2271.

If you think you may have some unresolved issues with the law, we suggest staying away from police stations and sending other people to conduct the inquiry for you.

Undertaking a Cherokee County Arrest search

Unfortunately, there is no official electronic data bank that displays information on people incarcerated in the county, so your best option is to use resources offered by the state.

The TxDPS offers a computerized database that shows a person's arrest history and prosecutions all over Texas. The information does not include Class C misdemeanor offenses.

The TDCJ operates an inmate search tool that covers TX correctional facilities (jails and prisons).

Finally, the search form annexed to this article will allow you to initiate a full criminal background check on any person living in the state. It will definitely help you trace Cherokee County arrest records and additional relevant criminal and civil information. The data is accurate and the inquiry process is 100% confidential.

Cherokee County Court Records

The county clerk processes and stores files on misdemeanor convictions while the district clerk is in charge of felony cases. No matter what type of court dockets you are seeking, to acquire them, regulations require submitting a FOIA request to the relevant office either by mail or in person.

Once they get your request, they will check whether you are entitled to view the files (records dealing with minors or records involving active police investigation are not accessible to the public). It may take up to 10 business days and may require a fee. For further information, visit the website of the Texas Attorney General.

Crime data

According to 2013 statistics, the annual number of reported crime committed in the county was 1,377 (on average, 2,685 offenses for 100,000 people). Fortunately, no one was murdered, yet 25 females were sexually assaulted, 21 people were robbed. The number of aggravated assaults was 146. Police incarcerated 303 people.