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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Find Scurry County Warrants in a Few Easy Steps Find Scurry County Warrants in a Few Easy Steps How to search for Scurry County warrants in a few easy steps. Check a person's criminal background in Texas and all over the country.
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A Few Easy Steps to Find Scurry County Warrants, Texas

Here are a few easy steps that will help you find Scurry County warrants and conduct an overall Texas arrest search.

How to inquire about Scurry County warrants

The sheriff is the primary source to obtain information on the county's wanted people. There isn't any official online database open to public view. So you will need to physically arrive at the sheriff office (400 37th Street, Snyder, TX 79549) to get updates about warrants recently issued by the county's court.

Performing an arrest search

Has a person you know ever been incarcerated? To inquire about Scurry County jail records, we suggest contacting the local detention center. They can be reached via the sheriff office by calling 325-573-3551. They will most likely be willing to reveal information on people that are in custody at present. For a more through inquiry including former inmates, we recommend going over state's databases, which are shown in the next section.

How to carry out a Texas arrest search

There are two official inquiry tools you should use for a statewide background check: 1) The TxDPS offers a criminal history search which reveals arrests carried out in TX counties for offenses considered more serious than Class B misdemeanor. Searchers need to sign up and pay to see results. 2) The TDCJ maintains a search tool with which you can track prison records of inmates in the state's correctional facilities. There is no need for a fee to obtain information.

Where to look for Scurry County court records

By viewing Scurry County court records, you will be able to find out whether the people you are checking have been convicted of a crime. You will be required to file a FOIA request (go here for further instructions) at the office of the County Clerk to get access to records dealing with misdemeanor offenses. Felony offences can be accessed at the office of the District Clerk. On their website you will also be able to see a recent arraignment list and pre-trial hearings.

Using an efficient background check tool

There is another recommended search option offered by It will allow you to find Scurry County warrants and much more. Type a person name and you will get his or her arrest history, criminal records and police records. The data covers the whole state (you can also search other states). Accuracy and confidentiality are guaranteed.