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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Fannin County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Fannin County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Conduct a Fannin County arrest records and warrant search, Texas. Use an advanced online tool to check yours and others' criminal background.
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Fannin County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Many people think that conducting a background check is complicated and involves too much bureaucracy. That is, of course incorrect. In this article we will show that it is quite easy to trace a person's criminal history and we will demonstrate it by describing the process of obtaining Fannin County arrest records and warrants.

Finding jail records

To perform a Fannin County arrest records search, you ought to contact the county jail. Their telephone number is 903-640-4171 and 903-449-4200 (South Annex Facility). They have detailed lists of current and past detainees which they are willing to share with the public.

Some searchers prefer to concentrate their inquiry on online sources. It is quite understandable. Using the Internet saves lots of time and bother. Therefore, we would strongly recommend referring to criminal history search tool managed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. After you sign up and open an active account (which will require disclosing some personal details), you will be able to view a person's incarceration history all over the state.

In addition, the TDCJ's online data bank will allow you to undertake a Texas inmate search and learn who is currently populating the state's correctional facilities.

Carrying out a Fannin County warrant search

The sheriff office stores information on all criminal activity that has taken place in the county. It also stores reports that come from other law enforcement agencies. For this reason it is the obvious place to obtain Fannin County warrants. The sheriff office is located at at 2375 Silo Rd. Bonham, TX 75418 (Phone number: 903-583-2143). To view a list of wanted people against whom an arrest order has been issued, you will have to arrive there in person and go over their criminal archives.

If you insist on running an online inquiry, we suggest considering the search box annexed to this article. This is, in fact, a sophisticated search mechanism that reveals a person criminal history in the county and the state. It will show you Fannin County arrest records and other legal files vital for a criminal background check. Results also include civil records. The data is rich and accurate. Your confidentiality will not be compromised.

Tracing Fannin County court records

Locating court docket is much easier thanks to an online search tool offered by the county's authorities. This tool consists of 3 databases you can choose from: a criminal case search, family and civil records search and court calendar. A Criminal inquiry can be conducted based on a case number, defendant's name, citation number, attorney's name and date.

Crime statistics

During 2014, 441 crimes were committed in the county's territory. No murders were reported. But, sadly,11 women were raped. There was only 1 robbery and 34 assaults. When it comes to offenses involving property, the sheriff office reveals that were 94 burglaries and 278 cases of larceny. 23 cars were stolen. 168 suspects were detained by the police.