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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Denton County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Denton County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Instructions for performing a Denton County warrant and arrest records search, TX. Inquire about a person's criminal history using a background check tool
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Denton County Warrant and Arrest Records Search

Denton County arrest warrants are not an indication of guilt, which can only be established in the court of law. However, if your name appears on such a warrant, it means you may be arrested any time since the police have sustainable evidence that points to your involvement in a crime. That is why we strongly advise checking whether you have any unresolved issues with the law.

Carrying out a Denton County warrant search

The sheriff office can assist you in tracing outstanding warrants. They do not have an online search service, so you will need to visit them to garner the information you want. Their address is 127 N. Woodrow Lane. Denton, Texas 76205-6397.  Moreover, you can phone the department that handles warrants at 940-349-1560 or 972-434-5507.

In case you are looking for an online search option, we advise using the search form on this site (see on the right side). Just fill in a person's name and you will get valuable information that includes his / her criminal history: warrants, arrest records, court records and more. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.

Performing an arrest search

For a Denton County arrest records search you should turn to the county's electronic jail records inquiry. You will have to fill in the defendant's name. Additional data, such as the defendant's DOB, date of booking and release, will narrow the search and give you more accurate results. You can also turn to the county's Detention Bureau by phone (940-349-1630, 972-434-5507) and ask for information on inmates.

The Texas Department of Public Safety offers a Computerized Criminal History System which will enable searchers to find a person's arrest history for violations more severe than Class B misdemeanor. To use the system, you must have an active account.

Denton County court records

To look for criminal court records for felony offenses in Denton County go to the district clerk. For court dockets related to misdemeanor offenses go to the county clerk. The address of both offices is 1450 East Mckinney Street. Denton, TX 76209-4524. You can opt for a computerized case search. You will be able to narrow your search to a specific court, for example Justice of the Peace Court. You can also find public records related to civil cases.

Crime Statistics

The county's law authorities made 1907 arrests in 2013. 10193 crimes were reported that year. They included 7 murders, 155 rapes, 554 assaults, 180 robberies and 6898 cases of larceny. On average, there were 1829 crimes per 100000 residents.