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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Deaf Smith County Warrants, Texas Deaf Smith County Warrants, Texas Find Deaf Smith County warrants, Texas. Use this website's background check tool to find a person's arrest history and prior convictions
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Deaf Smith County Warrants, Texas – Where to Look for a Person's Criminal History

Deaf Smith County Warrants, like all warrants issued anywhere else in Texas, indicate that a person is suspected of a crime, not necessarily guilty of it. That person can be apprehended at any given time and place, and if there is sufficient evidence that a crime has indeed been committed, he or she will be prosecuted by the state.

Carrying out a warrants search

The sheriff's website presents a list of active warrants, which can be seen here. For additional information, searchers are directed to the Justice of the Peace office, which is located at 235 East Third (Room 100), Hereford, TX 79045. Phone no. 806-364-0999.

Finding arrest records

There is no official online list that displays the county's detainees. Alternatively, we suggest referring to statewide sources. Texas arrest records can be looked for on the criminal history search tool of the TxDPS. By signing up for the service, you will get access to a list of people incarcerated in all of TX counties for offenses more severe than Class B misdemeanor.

The TDCJ's electronic offender search shows inmates in the state's prisons. You can run an inquiry according to name, SID number or TDCJ number.

Tracking a person's prior convictions

To run a criminal record check that will reveal prior convictions, you will have to access records issued by the court. There are two main sources from which you can get Deaf Smith County court records. For misdemeanor offenses turn to the County Clerk (806-363-7077). For dockets on felony crimes, refer to the District Clerk (806-364-3901).

In both cases, the state's law demands that you file a FOIA request. To learn how to do it, we suggest reading the instructions on the website of the Texas attorney General.

Tracing sex offenders

If you want to know whether there are sex offenders in your area or whether a certain person has a history of sexual violence, go to the state's registry. It enables you to perform an inquiry using the parameters of address, academic institution or offender's name.