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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Dallam County Records, TX - Tracking a Person's Arrest History Dallam County Records, TX - Tracking a Person's Arrest History How to inquire about Dallam County records, Texas. Conduct a background check in Texas and the entire USA. Reveal a person's criminal history
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Searching for Dallam County Records, TX - Tracking a Person's Arrest History

The following article will show you how to find Dallam County records necessary to check a person's criminal background and arrest history.

Carrying out an arrest search

Dallam County arrest records should be searched at the local jail. Contact them at 806-244-2541 to get updated on who is currently in custody.

We also suggest using statewide databases. These databases will present Texas arrest records and therefore will provide you with more extensive information, including past inmates. The TxDPS maintains an online criminal history name search which shows people incarcerated in all of TX counties for offenses more serious than Class B misdemeanor. You will need to sign up and pay for the information. In addition, The TDJC operates a free electronic inquiry tool which displays inmates in the state's prison.

Performing a warrant search

Dallam County records can also contain information on warrants issued by the court. To get this information, visit the sheriff office (501 Denver Avenue Dalhart, TX 79022. Telephone no. 806-244-2313). A clerk or one of the deputies will tell you if a particular person is wanted by the police.

Inquiring about a person's history of convictions

Another valuable data Dallam County records can provide is related to dockets issued by the court. These dockets indicate whether a person has ever been trialed and/or convicted of a crime, and therefore whether he/she has a criminal record.

Turn to the office of the County and District Clerk (Telephone no. 806-244-4751 ) and file a request to view public records. On the website of the Attorney General of Texas, you will find further explanation on this process.

Another search option puts at your disposal an advanced and user-friendly inquiry tool. It presents Texas warrants and arrest records. It will help you carry out a statewide background check on any person you want. The data is accurate and up to date as it is taken from multiple private and public sources simultaneously. All searches are fully anonymous and 100% secure.