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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Criminal Record check in Panola County Criminal Record check in Panola County Simple guidelines for a criminal record check in Panola County, TX. Use this website inquiry tool to find arrest records and warrants issued against people
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How to Conduct a Criminal Record check in Panola County

From making sure your family is safe, to validating new employees, conducting a criminal record check can lead to an added sense of security. Panola County allows several online and offline resources to simplify the process. Examining arrest records, court records, and warrants produces a sufficient background check that accurately reflects a person's past.

How to perform an arrest search

Arrest Records carry information regarding the time spent in jail by an individual. They do not have a connotation of being prosecuted for a crime, as they do not indicate whether an individual was guilty or innocent, simply that they were arrested.

Panola County Arrest Records can be found using this official search tool. Maintained by the District Clerk, it will provide you with the dates an individual was jailed, the arresting agency, and their charges.

If you intend to conduct a more comprehensive investigation, the following website puts at your disposal a public database containing Texas criminal records to simplify your search for a person’s incarceration history. In addition, the TDCJ offers an efficient offender search through which you can electronically locate inmates in the state's correctional facilities.

Where to look for Court Records

Court Records can imply conviction. They can indicate whether an individual was prosecuted for a misdemeanor and/or a felony. To obtain online copies of these documents in Panola County, use this criminal case search. Among other details, you will be able to see a court calendar detailing the dates of future hearings.

Finding Texas sex offenders

The Texas sex offender registry operated by the TxDPS enables any user to trace people with a criminal history of sex offenses. You can focus your search on Panola County or on other TX counties

Conducting a Warrant Search

Arrest Warrants enable the police to apprehend an individual after a crime has been committed. They must be signed by a magistrate or a judge to become legally binding. Panola County warrants can be found through the Sheriff office located at 314 W. Wellington, Carthage, TX 75633(phone number: 903-693-0333). Be prepared to show Identification Information when you arrive at the office.