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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Criminal record Check in Burleson County, TX Criminal record Check in Burleson County, TX Carry out a criminal record check in Burleson County, Texas. Use this website search tool to check the criminal background of people that matter to you
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Carrying out a Criminal record Check in Burleson County, TX

There are multiple sources every person can use to perform a criminal record check in Burleson County, Texas. Some of these sources appear online, making the search process much easier and faster.

Searching for Burleson County arrest record

To track a person's incarceration history, it is advisable to start your inquiry at the local jail. On their webpage, they say that they are committed to an open government policy, so if you contact them, they might be willing to provide information. Their location is 1334 St. Hwy 21 E. Caldwell, Texas 77836. Ph: 979-567-4343.

Moreover, we recommend using the online databases provided by the state's authorities: 1) The TxDPS maintains an electronic database in which (after signing up), you will be able to view people incarcerated statewide for offenses more serious than Class B misdemeanor. 2) Texas arrest records can be also searched on the TDCJ's offender database. It provides information on inmates in prison located throughout the state.

Performing a warrant search

The most obvious place to inquire about Burleson County warrants is the sheriff. Every arrest order issued by the court goes through them, therefore it is advisable to visit their office where you can check whether a certain person is wanted for a crime he/she allegedly committed (Contact details are similar to those of the jail).

It is important to stress that Burleson County warrants are not an indication of guilt. That is to say, if a person is considered wanted, it does not mean that he actually committed the offense related to him. Only the court of law can convict a person of a crime.

Searching for conviction records

If you wish to find out if a person was convicted of a crime, you will have to expand your background check to include Burleson County court record.

There are two offices that will help you with that matter: The County Clerk processes misdemeanor cases. The District Clerk is responsible for all the felony cases. Their phone numbers are 979-567-2329 and 979-567-2336 respectively. Their address is 100 West Buck, Caldwell, TX 77836.

Be prepared, they will ask you to submit a formal request to get access to public records. To learn how to do it, visit the webpage of the Attorney General here. Conducting a sex offender search is much simpler. You can resort to the state's registry and conduct an inquiry by name, geographic location or school.

One final word

Many people tend to confuse Burleson County arrest records with criminal records. They are not the same. The former show all the instances in which a person was incarcerated. The latter show that person's convictions.