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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Conducting a McLennan County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Conducting a McLennan County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Carry out a McLennan County arrest records and warrant search. Perform a background check on any person you want using an accurate online inquiry tool
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Conducting a McLennan County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Unlike larger counties, Mclennan County warrants cannot be electronically obtained from the sheriff's website. So you will have no choice but to physically arrive at the sheriff office and ask to run a background check on yourself or on any person in the county. The office's address is:

901 Washington Ave. Waco, Texas 76701 Phone number: 254-757-5000

Beware, if you have a criminal history, your visit to the sheriff office might lead to your arrest. If you have reasons to believe your record is not clean, send someone else to run the check for you.

A safer approach will be using online inquiry tools. The search box on the right will help you find valuable criminal information on the county and state's residents. Search results are very reliable. Most importantly, your confidentiality will not be compromised under any circumstances.

Running a Mclennan County arrest search

The sheriff publishes a long inmates list of the county's recent arrestees. You can check it to see if it contains the name of a person you know. We would also suggest contacting Mclennan County Jail to inquire about its inmates. They can be reached by dialing 254-757-2555 or 254-757-5095.

The Texas Department of Public Safety operates a criminal history name search that will display a person's past arrest records for offenses greater than Class B misdemeanor. It is open for public use but it requires opening an account.

Furthermore, Texas Department of Criminal Justice has a statewide inmate search tool which is also available to the public. You can fill in details such as a TDCJ Number or a SID Number, but the person's name should suffice to conduct the inquiry.

Tracing Mclennan County court records

The county's district clerk is where you should inquire about felony records. You can call their Criminal Division at 254-757-5054 or arrive at their office (300 Courthouse Annex, 501 Washington Ave. Waco, TX 76701).

The county clerk is responsible for storing data on misdemeanor records. To find the necessary court dockets, we advise you to go to their office located at: 215 N. 5th St., Room 223-A. Waco, Texas 76701 (telephone no. 254-757-5078 ).

Crime Data

2013 was not an easy year for the county's sheriff and police department. They had to deal with 314 crimes which unfortunately included 7 murders, 106 rapes, 178 robberies and 561 assaults (In terms of broader statistics, 3899.2 crimes per 100000 residents). Police tried to combat crime with 2793 arrests.