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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Conducting a Criminal Background Check in Walker County Conducting a Criminal Background Check in Walker County Conduct a criminal background check in walker county, Texas. Run an arrest and warrant search using this website's background check tool. Get quick results
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Conducting a Criminal Background Check in Walker County

If you believe you have unresolved issues with the police, before you find a lawyer, we suggest running a criminal background check to discover if there are any outstanding warrants against you. The primary aim of this article is to explain how to extract relevant criminal data related to you or to someone you know.

A Walker County warrant search

The best place to garner information on Walker County arrest warrants is the sheriff office. You will find them at 717 FM 2821 Rd W #500, Huntsville, Texas 77320. They can be contacted at 936-435-2400.

Online resources are also available. A good source is the search tool on this page. It acquires its information from vast and reliable private and governmental databases. Using it, you will gain access to extensively updated reports containing the criminal histories of the residents of Texas plus a whole array of civil records. Your confidentiality will not be compromised.

How to perform an arrest search

Walker County arrest records can be extracted by contacting the county jail. (Their phone number is 936-435-2412; their address is 751 FM 2821 Rd W, Huntsville, TX 77320).

As to online research tools, we recommend two official websites: 1) The Texas Department of Criminal Justice operates an online inmate search that encompasses the whole state. 2) The Texas Department of Public Safety maintains a computerized search mechanism that exhibits a person's prior arrests and prosecutions for violations more severe than Class B misdemeanor.

Finding court dockets

To obtain Walker County court records, you will have to fill in a FOIA request and deliver it either to the district clerk or to the county clerk. You can submit the request in person or via mail. Both are located at 1100 University Ave. Huntsville, TX 77340.

The district clerk handles court reports on felony cases. Copies cost 1 dollar for every page. For a fee of 5 dollars, they will conduct a felony background inquiry on any person you want. You will have to send his / her name plus birth date and social security number.

The county clerk is in charge of storing court documents dealing with misdemeanor offenses. They charge the same fees for official reports.

Crime data

Throughout 2013, 1,681 offenses were reported to the county's law enforcement agencies. Violent crimes included, unfortunately, 3 murders, 37 rapes, 27 robberies, and 194 assaults. Statistical calculations show a rate of 2,444.2 crimes per 100,000 people. Police apprehended 602 suspects.