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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Conducting a Comal County Criminal Background Check Conducting a Comal County Criminal Background Check Learn how to conducting a Comal County criminal background check, TX. Perform a warrant search; access arrest records issued in the county and state
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Conducting a Comal County Criminal Background Check

Comal County warrants authorize the police to apprehend a person based on a probable cause according to which he or she committed a crime that justifies an arrest. To find out whether there is an outstanding warrant against you or anyone else you are familiar with, pay a visit to the sheriff office and ask access to their criminal data bank. They are located at 3005 W. San Antonio St. New Braunfels, Texas 78130.

You can refer your questions to them by dialing   830-620-3400. If the inquiry is focused on you, be careful. You might be incarcerated in case you have a criminal past. You can ask your lawyer to conduct the investigation for you or use Internet sources.

The search file on this page will allow you to undertake a full criminal background check without the risk of being arrested. The information you will obtain will be rich in updated details on a person's background. 100% confidentiality is promised.

Finding the county's jail records

To undertake a Comal County arrest search, we recommend contacting the county jail (phone no. 830-620-3450). They will be able to give you information on current inmates.

You can also find arrest records by utilizing the county's online search tool. You will be required to type the defendant's full name. Optional fields include DOB and the dates on which the defendant has been taken into custody and later on released.

To broaden your inquiry, we suggest utilizing 2 additional state's databases:

  • The TxDPS operates a computerized search that contains details on a person's criminal history. Only offenses more severe than Class B misdemeanor will be displayed.
  • The Texas Department of Criminal Justice offers the public an electronic inmate search that includes all of TX prisons and jails.

Take into account that these 2 sources encompass the entire state, so they may not by 100% accurate.

Comal County court records

The county puts at its residents' disposal an electronic case search to assist them in finding civil and criminal court dockets. If you are seeking more precise information on misdemeanor cases, turn to the county clerk. Their office is located at 150 N. Seguin, Suite 101, New Braunfels, Texas 78130 (phone no. 830-221-1230). They process data coming from County Court at Law #1 and County Court at Law #2.

The district clerk handles more serious felony cases. For information, visit their office. They are located next to the county clerk at suite 304. Their telephone number is 830-221-1250.

Crime data

3379 offenses were committed in the county throughout 2013. On average, that meant 2678.5 offenses for 100000 people. There were 5 murders, 35 rapes, 30 robberies, and 231 assaults. Police incarcerated 476 suspects.