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Gillespie County Criminal Background Check

Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Gillespie County Criminal Background Investigation Gillespie County Criminal Background Investigation Carry out a Gillespie County Criminal Background Investigation, Texas. Use this website's background check tool to find arrest records and warrants
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Conduct Your Own Gillespie County Criminal Background Investigation

When you think about the term background check, you may imagine some sort of official inquiry that only a police officer or other official authorities can do.  That’s not the case - a lot of the most important information about someone’s past is a matter of public records. 

For example, it’s a fairly simple matter to trace Gillespie County arrest records, and there are plenty of reasons why you may want to garner this type of information. For example, you might wish to know if your daughter’s new boyfriend has ever been in trouble with the law, or if your new employee has an arrest history. If you’re making an important purchase, such as real estate, or buying a business, it can be useful to know if the seller is someone with a good character.

How to conduct an arrest search

The easiest way to trace arrest records is to visit the official county website and click on Online Records Search on the home page.  That will take you to a page which links to a number of different databases containing various public documents. Choose the Courts and Justice Public Records Search, go to Jail Records and conduct your inquiry based on the information you have.

Finding outstanding warrants

To get the most up-to-date information regarding Gillespie County warrants, contact the sheriff’s office and request a search of active and bench warrants. The sheriff’s office is at 1601 East Main St. in Fredericksburg, TX.  You can call them at (830)997-7585, or email them at

Gillespie County Court Records

To discover any court dockets or other court documents related to an individual, you can use again the Courts & Justice Public Records Search provided by the county's online databases. This search gives you access to the court calendar as well as civil and criminal records.

Obtaining Texas State Records

The Texas Department of Public Safety operates some useful electronic background search databases that display a person's criminal past in the entire state. Their criminal history inquiry tool can help you investigate an individual’s past convictions.

Texas sex offenders can be located using the state's official registry. The main purpose of this database is to help find out if any person convicted of sexual misconduct lives in your area.

Finally, you can also find out the status of an inmate in the state's prisons at the  inmate search page, provided by the TDCJ.

Crime Data

Larceny was the most commonly committed crime in the county with 276 offenses reported in 2014.  Only 24% of these cases were cleared! Burglary was a distant second, with 67 incidences, followed by 10 reported assaults, seven car thefts, two murders, and one robbery. In 2013, there were 2 rape cases in the county.