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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Comanche County Warrants and Arrest Records Comanche County Warrants and Arrest Records Search for Comanche County warrants and arrest records, Texas. We offer an inquiry tool so you can check the background of on any person you choose.
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What You Should Know in Order to Find Comanche County Warrants and Arrest Records

Comanche County warrants and arrest records are essential for a background check. In fact, they should be the first legal documents you will need to obtain to find out whether people have a history with the local police forces, mainly whether they are fugitives from the law or ever spent time in jail.

Accurate and updated information on Comanche County warrants can be obtained at the sheriff office (300 Industrial Blvd. Comanche, TX 76442. Telephone: 325-356-7533). They keep record of people wanted for all sorts of crimes committed in their area of jurisdiction. This type of information is usually disseminated quite willingly since the sheriff’s staff is fully aware that cooperating with the public may help them track down fugitives.

Guidelines for an arrest search

There is no online official data bank that reveals Comanche County arrest records, so will have no choice but to resort to larger databases operated by the state authorities.

The criminal history name search of the TxDPS shows people incarcerated all over TX counties provided that their crimes were greater than Class B misdemeanor. To access the records, you will need to register and pay a fee.

Another useful tool to trace Texas arrest records is the TDCJ’s offender search. It provides information on current inmates in the state’s prisons. Using does not require a fee.

Using Comanche County court records to inquire about a person’s convictions history

To find out if a person you know has ever been trialed and found guilty of a crime, you need to access criminal court records. All dockets issued by the court should be searched at the District Clerk’s office (regarding convictions for felony offenses) and the County Clerk (regarding convictions for less severe misdemeanor offenses).

Searchers are required to submit a FOIA request. This website explains the procedure involved in requesting public records.

A useful online tool for a criminal record check

Another useful tool to help you search for Comanche County warrants and arrest records is offered by  Typing the subject's name in the inquiry box, you will obtain detailed criminal history reports containing prison and jail records, active arrest orders, court dockets and a persons' history of convictions. The information is updated and highly reliable. Your anonymity is promised. Fees are small.