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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Cass County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Cass County Arrest Records and Warrant Search The easiest and most effective way to perform a Cass County arrest records and warrant Search, Texas. Use an advanced criminal background check tool
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Cass County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Whether your daughter might be dating an ex-con, or you are curious about the background of your elderly mother’s home health care worker, conducting a background check will let you know whether or not the person in question has had any run-ins with the law. Knowing your loved ones are safe can grant you peace of mind and help you sleep better at night.

Carrying out a Cass County arrest records search

Requests for public records must be made in writing to the office which processes and maintains that type of information. Cass County arrest records can be obtained by contacting the local jail. It can be reached through the sheriff office by dialing 903-756-7511. Once you reach them, you can ask for information on current inmates and on the county's older jail records.

Performing a warrant inquiry

Cass County warrants can be obtained in the same manner. Since there is no online warrant locator available, you ought to physically arrive at the sheriff office and inquire whether a specific person is wanted by the police. The sheriff is located at 604 Hwy 8N; Linden, Texas. It is always a good idea to contact the office in advance to inquire about fees or special policies that may be required in order to obtain the desired documents (Their phone number appears above).

Before we continue, we would like to warn the readers not to go to the sheriff office if they have a reason to believe their name may appear on an outstanding warrant. If that is the case, a trip to sheriff will end up in jail.

Cass County court records

For case searches and other records relating to court appearances and outcomes, you’ll need to make a written request to the county clerk or the district clerk. Requests to view misdemeanour cases should be sent to the former, requests concerning more severe felony cases should be delivered to the latter. Their contact information can be found on their websites (follow the links above). Turn to the website of the Attorney General of Texas for further information on how to request public records.

Conducting broader searches using the state's databases

You may be interested in conducting searches that go beyond the bounds of Cass County. For example, you can explore whether or not someone has a history of sexually motivated crimes by searching the Texas sex offender registry, here.

You can also conduct a search to see if someone is currently incarcerated, using the Texas inmate search.

Finally, you can access the Computerized Criminal History System operated by the TxDPS to view a person's criminal history (including prior arrests and prosecutions). Utilizing these online tools is a great way to supplement your investigation.