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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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How to Conduct a Criminal Record Check in Bosque County, Texas

To carry out a criminal record check in Bosque County, you should get access to arrest records, warrants and court dockets. The lines below will explain how they can be searched in the most effective way while saving you time and effort.

Running an arrest search

The obvious place to check about inmates is the sheriff office. This is where you should go to garner information about people incarcerated in the county. The office is located at Morgan St Meridian, Texas 76665. You should also try to reach the Detention Unit on the phone at 254-435-9966.

Searching for Texas arrest records

For more extensive information, we suggest turning to the Criminal History Name Search powered by the TxDPS. This database presents arrests that were made in Texas for offenses considered more severe than Class B misdemeanor. Searchers have to register and pay a fee to access the data.

It is also possible to locate an inmate in the state's prisons by using the offender search operated by the TDCJ.

Inquiring about active warrants

Since there is no online database that displays Bosque County warrants, you will need to approach the sheriff directly (contact details appear above). It is important that you know that if there is a warrant carrying your name, a visit to the sheriff office may end up in the local jail. So if you have any doubts, send someone else to search for you.

Tracing conviction records

To know if a person has a criminal record as a result of prior convictions, you will be required to file a FOIA request to view Bosque County court records. There are two offices to which you should submit your request:

a) The county clerk for dockets related to misdemeanor offenses. To contact their Records Unit, dial 254-435-6606.

b) The District Clerk for cases dealing with felonies. Their phone number is 254-435-2201.

The address of both offices is 110 South Main, Room 209, Meridian, TX 76665. For instructions on how to request public records, visit the website of the Attorney General.

Running a sex offender search

To trace former sex offenders in your area and in the state in general, use the official registry operated by the TxDPS. You can perform your inquiry based on the offender's name or address. You can also search in academic institutions.