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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Borden County Criminal Records Search Borden County Criminal Records Search How to look for criminal records in Brazos County, TX. The search service this site provides will help you find arrest warrants and records in Texas.
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Borden County Criminal Records Search

Criminal records are treated as public documents. They include everything from felony records to speeding tickets. You may want to look at these records for a variety of reasons, such as checking to be sure the new babysitter doesn't have any criminal history or investigating your daughter’s new boyfriend. It is also a good practice to check whether there are Borden County warrants carrying your name, especially if you are applying for a new job that will examine your background.

Borden County Warrant Search

The Borden County sheriff’s office maintains the county's outstanding warrants. So contact them to obtain the information you require. They are located in Gail, Texas at 117 East Wassom. Their phone number is 806-756-4311, and their mailing address is P.O. Box 115, Gail, TX 79738.

Borden County Arrest Records

There is no online resource to conduct a Borden County arrest search. However, the state offers a useful criminal history search database. For a fee, users can search the entire state to trace an individual’s criminal past. Users must create a CRS Public Website Account and purchase credits to use for the search.

Individuals can also perform an inmate search by using the Offender Information Search provided by the Texas Department of Criminal justice. There, you can find where offenders are assigned and their projected release date.

Borden County Court Records

The county does not offer any online tools to conduct a case search. You will have to turn to the county clerk for misdemeanor records and to the district clerk for felony records. Both can be reached at 806-756-4312.

Crime Statistics

The estimated population of Borden County in 2013 was 637 residents, so crime rates are understandably low. Between 2003 and 2008, there were only 37 total crimes reported in Borden County. Only 4 of those crimes were violent. During those years, 21 of the crimes were theft, 1 was for arson, 4 were for assault, and 11 were for burglary. Violent crime has nearly disappeared in Borden County; most of the crimes that occur are related to property. Borden County has one of the lowest crimes rates in the state. In 2013, the number of crimes dropped by 50% to 18. There were no murders, rapes or robberies. There were only 2 assaults. Police took 4 people into custody throughout the year.