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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Bandera County Warrant search Bandera County Warrant search Carry out a Bandera County warrant search, Texas. Get full criminal history reports on any person living in your county and in the entire state.
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How to perform a Bandera County Warrant search and Trace Arrest Records

If you want to make sure a person is not wanted by the police, you must learn how to carry out a Bandera County warrant search. The information is available to the public and so that search should not be much of a problem.

Finding Bandera County warrants

To perform a Bandera County warrant search, you will need to drop by the sheriff office (3360 State Hwy. 173 North. Bandera, Texas 78003. Phone:  830-796-3771)and ask to go over their criminal archives. One of their main duties is to process all arrest orders that come from county's court. You will be able to get a full list of past and present fugitives and wanted people.

Performing an arrest search

The best place for tracing Bandera County arrest records is the jail. Unlike larger counties, they do not present information on detainees on the Internet, so you will have to settle for either reaching them by phone at 830-796-7759 or visiting them in person (3360 State Highway 173 North Bandera , TX  78003) and asking access to their archives.

We also recommend carrying out a Texas offender search using the resources of the TxDPS. On their website you will find an inquiry tool that unfolds all arrests made in the state for offenses more serious than Class B misdemeanor. This useful information costs 24 dollars per name searched.

Finally, if you decide you want to carry out a statewide inmate search, go to the TDCJ's website and use their online locator. You can search by name, TDCJ number or SID number.

Conducting a criminal record check

Bandera County court records will indicate whether the subject of your inquiry has been prosecuted and convicted in the past. To obtain them, refer to one of these two offices:

  • The County Clerk for information on misdemeanor offenses. They are located at 500 Main St. Bandera, TX 78003. Telephone:830-796-3332.
  • The District Clerk for copies of felony cases. They can be found at Bandera County Justice Center. 3360 State Hwy. 173 North, Suite 100 Bandera, TX 78003-2688. Telephone: 830-796-4606.

The state's law obligates you to file a FOIA request to acquire any type of public records, civil or criminal. If you are looking for more specific instructions, visit the General Attorney's website.

How to conduct a sex offender search

The TxDPS operates the state's offender registry, which residents can use to locate people who have been convicted of sex crimes in the past and now live in the community. Search can be done by typing an offender's name or known location.

Finally, you may choose to use this website's inquiry tool to carry out a Bandera County warrant search. By typing the subject's name, you will receive an updated criminal history report. This report will show arrest orders issued against the person being searched plus his/her prior arrests and convictions in court. The data is accurate and reliable. Your confidentiality is fully maintained.