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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Atascosa County Warrants and Arrest Records Atascosa County Warrants and Arrest Records How to search for Atascosa County warrants and arrest records, Texas. Perform a background check on people around you. Use an advanced inquiry tool
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Atascosa County Warrants and Arrest Records

Due to rising crime rates, a background check may turned out to be a must in certain situations, such as hiring an employee, looking for a nanny for your kids or checking about the person you are dating. Fortunately, there is more than one option to inquire about a person's criminal history. The following article will demonstrate how to find Atascosa County warrants and arrest records.

Performing an Atascosa County warrant search

There is no online inquiry tool you can use to view the county's wanted persons list. So you will need to drop by the sheriff office and go over their criminal records database. They are located at 1108 Campbell Ave. Jourdanton, Texas 78026. You can try to contact them at 830-769-3434, though they will probably be reluctant to reveal any details on the phone.

There is one important thing you should be aware of. If there is an outstanding warrant carrying your name on it, you might be taken into custody and you will need to bail yourself out. To be on the safe side, we strongly suggest preferring an online inquiry. The search tool annexed to this page enables users to perform a full criminal background check from the comfort of their home. The data is comprehensive and accurate and the search process is confidential.

How can you perform an arrest search?

The first step should be contacting the county jail. You can contact them through the sheriff office. Since the facility is designed to hold inmates for a short period of time while awaiting trial, you might want to use more extensive databases to get a better account of a person's history of arrests.

If that is the case, we suggest conducting a statewide inmate search using the electronic inquiry tool provided by the TDCJ or using the computerized criminal database maintained by the TxDPS. The latter reveals present and past arrest records issued in the entire state. Using it obligates opening an account and paying a fee. Minor offenses are not included in the database.

Tracing court dockets

Similar to other counties in Texas, Atascosa County court records can be accessed by turning to the county clerk (for misdemeanor offenses) or to the district clerk (for felony offenses). Neither offers an online search tool, so the best option is to arrive at these offices in person.

Fortunately, both are located at the same address: Courthouse Circle Drive, County Courthouse, Jourdanton, TX 78026. Bear in mind that they might not deliver the information without a formal FOIA request that you will be demanded to submit (in person or via mail). For further instructions on this matter, turn to the website of the Texas Attorney General.

Crime statistics

1,152 offenses were committed in the county during 2003. 67 offenses involved violence, and the rest were property crimes. On average, 2,416.7 offenses occurred per 100,000 residents. Police have taken 158 suspects into custody.