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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Andrews County Jail Records and Warrants Andrews County Jail Records and Warrants Find Andrews County jail records and warrants, Texas. Carry out a background check on any person in Texas and the United States. Get accurate results
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How to Search for Andrews County Jail Records and Warrants, Texas

The sheriff’s website contains an online inquiry tool which can be utilized to find Andrews County jail records. You must type the defendant’s full name.The data that is unfolded consists of a warrant #, charges, disposition and booking number, date and release.

Performing a Texas arrest search

Users should refer to two main sources that provide updated information on Texas arrests:

  1. The TDCJ’s offender search presents inmates in the state’s correctional centers.
  2. The TxDPS operates an online criminal history database in which arrests and prosecutions for violation more severe than Class B misdemeanor committed in all of TX counties are displayed. You must open an official account and pay a fee to initiate an inquiry.

How to inquire about Andrews County warrants

To learn whether a person is wanted for a crime, go to the sheriff office (201 N. Main, Room 113. Andrews, TX 79714. Telephone:432-523-5545). One of their main duties is processing and executing Andrews County warrants. The stuff is usually willing to disclose information as they hope to get some tips that may assist them in capturing and apprehending fugitives.

Performing a criminal case search

Andrews County court records will help you find out if the person whose background you are checking has ever been trialed and / or convicted of a crime in the local courts. Basically what you need to do is to perform a criminal case search at the office of the County Clerk at 215 NW 1st St. Andrews, Texas 79714.

Be advised, you will need to file a request to view the relevant record and pay 26 dollars for the 1st page and 4 dollars for every additional page. For further instructions dial 432-524-1426. The County Clerk deals only with misdemeanor cases. For Felony cases, conduct your inquiry at the office of the District Clerk: 201 N. Main (Room 102) Andrews, TX 79714 (phone: 432-524-1417).

Tracing Texas sex offenders

The TxDPS operates a computerized registry that enables you to locate sex offenders statewide by name, address or academic institution. Using the registry does not require any fee.