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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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A Background Check In Titus County - Finding Arrest Records and Warrants A Background Check In Titus County - Finding Arrest Records and Warrants How to perform a background check in Titus County, Texas. Find arrest records and outstanding warrants. Use this website's criminal background check tool
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Titus County Background Check - Finding Arrest Records and Warrants

Those interested in performing a Titus County background check will be happy to know that most of the information can be easily obtained. Searchers just need to know how and where to carry out their inquiry. This article will explain the 'how' and 'where'.

Obtaining Titus County arrest records

Do you want to know whether a person has ever been incarcerated? The sheriff's website contains an inmate search tool. It allows you to set a starting date for your inquiry. Next, you need to write the detainee's name. The data that is shown includes an arrest number, the detainee's personal details and mugshot, charges, booking and release date and bond amount.

It is also possible to carry out an offline Titus County arrest records search by turning to the sheriff's Record Division. A written request should be sent by mail or fax to: 304 South Van Buren. Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455. Fax:  903-577-8038. A fee must be added to each request. For exact rates, go to For further details dial 903-572-6641.

How to find Titus County warrants

The sheriff office operates a special Warrant Division whose duties include, among the rest, maintaining all of Titus County warrants until they are executed. Therefore, they possess the information you need. To view a list of the county's wanted persons, we suggest paying them a visit or dialing their number which appears in the previous paragraph.

For an online inquiry, you had better refer to the search box on this page. Using it, you will come across detailed reports containing a person's full criminal background (including incarceration history and criminal records). The data is updated regularly. The search is 100% confidential.

Lastly, you can refer to the criminal history searchable database run by the TxDPS. It displays people's criminal records all over Texas. Registration and a fee are required.

Accessing Titus County court records

The county clerk operates a computerized search through which you can access misdemeanors dockets. You will be asked to open an account to use it. Files on more serious felony crimes are kept by the district clerk. They do not offer an online search option, so you will be required to go to their office (105 W 1st St #102, Mt Pleasant, TX 75455. Phone: 903-577-6721) and file a request to view copies of judicial public records.

Crime data

In 2014, 952 offenses were recorded by the sheriff office. There were no homicide cases. 18 women were sexually assaulted. There were 10 robberies and 85 assaults. The rest were property crimes. 285 arrests were made during that year.